Leon Wolf


According to Reuters, archaeologists in Israel have discovered a 2,700-year-old seal impression that they say validates part of the biblical record.

According to the Israeli Antiquities Authority, the seal was excavated by Shimon Cohen and bears an inscription in ancient Hebrew that reads “belonging to the governor of the city.” The seal was unearthed near the plaza of the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. The Bible references governors of Jerusalem on multiple occasions in the Old Testament.

The seal is made of clay, and is about the size of a small coin and depicts two men facing each other. It measures 13 x 15 mm across its face and 2-3 mm thick. According to the Antiquities Authority, it was most likely originally attached to a shipment or sent as a souvenir.

According to the excavator, Dr. Shlomit Weksler-Bdolah, the seal “supports the Biblical rendering of the existence of a governor of the city in Jerusalem 2,700 years ago.”

He also stated, “It is likely that one of the buildings in our excavation was the destination of this transport, sent by the city governor,” according to the Daily Mail.

The age of the seal was estimated based on the fact that it was excavated from soil from the first temple period building, which dates to the 6th or 7th century BC, according to Arutz Sheva.