New Dem strategy: pretend Trump doesn’t exist



The American people mistakenly believe the Democratic Party’s only platform is ‘Never Trump,’ according to The Washington Post.

Suspicion of the media is the reason why voters believe the Democratic platform is solely based on opposing President Trump, wrote WaPo’s David Weigel.

“Too many people have a built-in suspicion about the media, which is that it covers up ‘the real news,’” he wrote. “And in the fight between reality and suspicion, reality usually loses.”

“The same phenomenon is responsible for one of 2017’s most persistent political ideas, which is unlikely to stop this year — the idea that the Democratic Party is running on nothing but opposition to an unpopular President Trump.”

The Democrats running on nothing but opposition to Trump is “2017’s most persistent political idea” because that’s exactly what they’ve been doing since the American people elected him in November 2016.

Consider the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, for example, which passed in the House and Senate without a single Democrat vote.

The bulk of the bill will boost U.S. GDP by almost 2% and bring tax relief to the majority of the middle class, both issues Democrats supposedly champion.

Then there’s the Democrats’ embarrassing attempt to introduce articles of impeachment against Trump last November, which failed in the House in a 368-58 vote, with all ‘Yea’ votes belonging to Democrats.

And Democrats last fall also tried to sabotage relief efforts to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria in a bid to make Trump appear unprepared and ineffective.

Factor in the countless talking heads on mainstream media demonizing everything about Trump, from the way he donates to hurricane victims to their freakout over Trump’s use of the word ‘sovereignty,‘ and one begins to see why the American people think Dems don’t have much of a platform other than ‘never Trump.’