Source: The Daily Wire

A Hollywood liberal thought it would be a good idea to boast about her son disrespecting our country, and it ended very badly for her when a veteran’s mother got involved.

Last Wednesday, “Will & Grace” actress Debra Messing sent out a message on her Instagram account praising her 13-year-old son for kneeling during the national anthem.

As noted by The Daily Wire, Messing said her son after if he could protest the national anthem at the New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden.

Unsurprising to no one, the left-wing actress allowed her son to disrespect our nation and flag, and bragged about it exhaustively on social media about how proud she was to see her son exhibit such reprehensible behavior.

“Mom, I want to sit down in protest. Can we do that?” Messing said her son asked, to which he replied, “Yes, honey. We can do that.”

“Who’s crying? I’m not crying. #BLM (Black Lives Matter),” she added

In response to Messing’s sick lesson to indoctrinate her son, Lisa Smith pounced on Messing’s post, and gave her a quick dose of reality about what real heroes sacrificed to defend this country.

“You’re proud your son boycotted our Anthem?” Page wrote. “I’m proud of MY son. You know why? HE can’t kneel or walk on his own. HE was wounded fighting for the very freedom that YOU spit on, yet he has NO regrets! He’s a Patriot & you’re a loser!”


Messing got a dose of reality from a real American patriot about what it’s like to risk your life to defend this great nation.

Liberals like Messing are entitled to their own wrong, disgusting opinions just like real Americans are entitled to calling her out for uttering sad preposterous opinions.

The American people will stand for our flag and with heroes like Smith and her son long before we ever kneel with left-wing lunatics like Messing.