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What does 2018 have in store for twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her cronies? Handcuffs and jail.

That’s according to Fox News’ Sean Hannity, who reported that Congressional investigators had found suspicious inconsistencies with the FBI’s handling of Hillary’s email case.

Tuesday, Hannity warned Hillary, top aide Huma Abedin, and her inner circle that they should all be very, very worried heading into 2018… because it would probably be their last New Year’s outside of prison.

“This year is going to be massive in terms of news especially about the corrupt media. And they are very, very nervous, rightly so, people like Hillary Clinton. They should be nervous,” Hannity said.

Hannity’s prediction came after a bombshell report from Congressional Republicans broke earlier this week. Conservative lawmakers on key congressional committees claim to have found contradictions, irregularities, and omissions inside the FBI’s investigation of Hillary’s allegedly illegal email server… and that’s bad news for anyone who thought they’d gotten away with a crime.

“For the first time, investigators say they have secured written evidence that the FBI believed there was evidence that some laws were broken when the former Secretary of State and her top aides transmitted classified information through her insecure private email server,” The Hill reported.

The Hill continued: “That evidence includes passages in FBI documents stating the “sheer volume” of classified information that flowed through Clinton’s insecure emails was proof of criminality as well as an admission of false statements by one key witness in the case, the investigators said.”

What does that mean?

“People will be going to jail. I promise you,” Hannity said.