Background of mystery fires haunts Clintons as Q-Anon previously hinted he would “set a fire to flush (the enemy) out.”

Reports came in on Wed 3rd January that a fire had broken out in the house of Bill and Hillary Clinton in Chappaqua, New York.

Authorities poured water on the reports as quickly as they could: the Clintons were not home. No-one was hurt. Some reports put the fire in a building away from the main house, others in a bedroom inside the house.

Fires have a way of following the Clinton’s around.

The day before, President Trump tweeted a direct message to watch Sean Hannity at 21:00.

Here it was exposed in great detail how newly obtained Huma Abedin Emails were blowing the whole Clinton Email investigation open again, with major questions about Abedin’s own actions sharing classified information. And this is leading to even more serious questions about how the FBI’s interview with Clinton turned into a donut session where she wasn’t even miranda’d and there were no lawyers present! This on top of Comey already writing out his exoneration of Clinton before that soft ball interview even took place.

Less than 24 hours later, this mysterious fire breaks out at the Clintons home.

And not for the first time!

In December 2015, Bill Clintons home in Hope Arizona was torched in suspected Arson (

And this happened AGAIN to Bill Clinton’s Fayetteville, Arkansas home in June 2017 (

The Clinton’s seem to be cursed with a great deal of misfortune here: either that, or they are being chased by someone with a box of matches.

And here is an extra twist in this tale:

Q-ANON in a December 19th q-post on 8 Chan, posted a message that indicates, this fire may be far more than it seems:

“We won’t Telegraph our moves to the enemy: we will however set a fire to flush them out.”

And under what circumstance can Law Enforcement search a property without a warrant or permission?

Why, when there has been a report of Arson and the owners are out…

One more curious twist in the Q Continuum!