The press goes into a ‘fit of apoplexy’ after every move from the White House, an overreaction…

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Michael Wolff/photo by eirikso (CC)

(News Busters) The headline in The Atlantic read this way:  “Is Something Neurologically Wrong With Donald Trump?”

The question to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was put this way: “What is the president’s reaction of the suggestions in this book that he is mentally unfit?” The book in question, of course, is Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury.

Well. It seems that Wolff himself had another take altogether on just who was having mental health problems. Back in February of 2017, long before his book was released, Wolff appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources with host Brian Stelter. And over there at the CNN website is this headline from Wolff’s appearance:

Michael Wolff says media is ‘having a nervous breakdown’ over Trump

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You read that right. Wolff was saying that it was the media — not Trump —  that was struggling with a problem of mental instability. Said the CNN write-up of the Wolff interview:

The Hollywood Reporter columnist and Newsweek writer told CNN’s Brian Stelter on Reliable Sources Sunday that the press goes into a ‘fit of apoplexy’  after every move from the White House — an overreaction he said damages the media’s credibility.

‘As we try to go after his credibility, our credibility becomes equally a problem,’ Wolff said. ‘I think individual journalists are, in many cases, having a nervous breakdown.’”

… As Wolff noted, Trump keeps making fools of the media. The reaction is that the media overreacts —  and overreacts and overreacts…

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