Once you think government is going to protect us from ourselves, there’s no protection of liberty…

(Zero Hedge) Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent pot stocks tumbling earlier this week when, just days after California started selling marijuana legally, he rescinded an Obama-era order that helped states circumvent federal drug laws and experiment with legalization and taxation.

…In an interview with CNN, Paul said President Trump should fire Sessions over the AG’s decision to empower local federal prosecutors to decide whether they want to enforce federal marijuana laws, possibly throwing a wrench in the works for states like Massachusetts, Colorado and Nevada, where marijuana sales are essentially legal and subject to taxes.

“The war on drugs to me is a war on liberty.”

“I concentrate on the issue of freedom of choice when doing things that are high risk.”

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“We permit high risk all the time. Generally we allow people to eat what they want. We do overly concentrate on what people put in their bodies,” Paul said…

“Just because you legalize something doesn’t mean everyone’s going to do it, and then if you look at the consequences, of the war? Why don’t the people just look and read and study Prohibition? …total failure. And the war on drugs is every bit as bad and worse,” he said.

“People should have the right or responsibility of dealing with what is dangerous,” Paul insisted.

“Once you get into this thing about government is going to protect us against ourselves, there’s no protection of liberty.

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