Renewed FBI probe into Hillary’s emails and Foundation has Dems on defense

Conservative CNN contributor Scott Jennings brought the facts to CNN commentator and former Clinton campaign staffer Patti Solis Doyle over an investigation into the Clinton Foundation Saturday.

Doyle, a former manager of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, said in response to the news that the Justice Department is investigating the Clinton Foundation, “I think this is as clear as it appears to be, and that is President Trump and Republicans in Congress are trying to deflect from the current Russia probe by saying, but look, ‘Hillary is the one who used a private e-mail server and, look, Hillary is the one.’”

“So, I think it’s very clear. President Trump has been livid with AG Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia investigation. He has let him know that. He has let the entire country know that. He has been tweeting that the FBI needs to investigate Secretary Clinton.”

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