The 2016 election was a wakeup call for many in the United States as to the shenanigans that were taking place inside the upper echelons of American society. Sure, people were concerned with the deteriorating dialogue taking place as well as the onslaught of leftists they brought out to campaign for Hillary, but few truly knew how much was being done to help candidate Clinton.

Director of the National Security Agency Admiral Rogers knew and his recent announcement to retire from his position puts him in a unique place to publicly testify against those who interfered with the election. This should terrify the deep state.

It has been a non-stop whirlwind of accusations from the left about the emails that were leaked and the lack of concern about the contents. The world read in those emails that the mainstream media in the United States was in bed with the DNC and that no true reporting would ever see the light of day. The age where people could trust those on television to report unbiasedly and objectively was long gone, in came the age of narrative supporting talking heads.

People were suspicious about the “system” before but never truly grasped at how dangerous it was. The revelations that the United States government was spying on everything we did was news but really no meaningful impact until an outsider decided to try to fix the system. This outsider was Donald Trump and his plans for putting Americans first were deeply disturbing to many who had grown comfortable off of taking American’s tax dollars.

Trump’s speeches began to take hold and people were able to recognize that he was speaking common sense. Building a wall and Mexico paying for it sounded great after hearing in every outlet that there was nothing the U.S. could do about illegal immigration and those who think otherwise are bigots. These kinds of policies could not be implemented and those who pulled the strings at the top were worried that their crimes would be uncovered if he won, why else would they fight against his ideas so hard?

That is where Admiral Rogers comes into play. His position at the head of a major intelligence agency gave him the insight to understand just how dangerous the American spying industry had become. They were doing everything they could to try to get something, anything, that would put Donald Trump in a negative light and they were using the U.S. government to do so. This is Watergate times 100 as evidence is pointing towards the inevitable fact that Obama had to have known.

The time frame around many of these incidents is very tight and confusing, but it ultimately paints a sinister picture. Obama, like many other leftists, were concerned that if Trump won then he would have the authority to uncover the rampant criminal abuses taking place, so him winning was not an option. Unable to find dirt through the conventional means, since Trump is cleaner than any other politician to date, the deep state had to turn to the U.S. government to secure information.

Once the target was established and the channels to operate were secured, the deep state went to work. DOJ and FBI officials worked in sync to establish, purchase, and secure false information to secure a warrant. This warrant was then used to allow the state access to whatever information they could muster from spying on Donald Trump and his team. However, at the center of all of this was Admiral Mike Rogers, who knew that Trump’s Constitutional rights were being destroyed.

Many pressed for Rogers to be fired immediately after the election. He was not taking part in the surveillance of Trump but was rather opposed to it, some would say.  Rather than sit idly by and let his career be ruined by the deep state, Rogers singlehandedly traveled to Trump Tower after the election to lay it all out for President-elect Trump. That is why his resignation is so important.

Once his official duties are complete and he is free to step away from the NSA, Rogers could spell out the entire story for the public to hear. He was at the center of it all and worked tirelessly to prevent the country from suffering under a potential puppet-like figure like Clinton. With the Inspector General Report coming out in a week, all we can do is wait to see if more dominoes are going to fall.