Daniel Chaitin


CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer heaped praise on President Trump and his administration for opening up an immigration reform meeting with lawmakers to the press Tuesday.

Blitzer, speaking with his colleague Jim Acosta, conceded he had to give Trump “a lot of credit” for allowing press cameras to cover a nearly hourlong discussion during a “really remarkable meeting” with Republicans and Democrats.

Press coverage for the meeting was originally supposed to be a short pool spray at the beginning.

Later in the day, capping an interview with White House director of legislative affairs Marc Short, Blitzer again showered his admiration for the administration’s transparency.

“Thank you for allowing that meeting today to be open to our TV cameras,” Blitzer told Short. “I think it was very productive, very important. Glad that we got to see the president and the Republicans and Democrats in action. Keep doing it.”

“We’ll keep doing it, Wolf,” Short replied.

Other journalists also praised Trump for opening the bipartisan meeting to the press.

Wolf’s praise for Trump comes just two days after a tense exchange on CNN between Jake Tapper and White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, after which Miller was escorted off the set.

Trump often singles out CNN for disseminating “fake news,” usually in response to unflattering reports about him or his administration.