The mainstream media seems to be losing their grip on reality. President Donald Trump attended Monday night’s College Football Championship game between Alabama and Georgia, held in Atlanta — and the media was ready and waiting for anything to use against the president.

There was little to be found, though. Trump walked out in front of a sold out stadium to thunderous applause, not the boos that the media was expecting.

Trump stood on the field and led the stadium’s salute to the American flag and then retired to his box to watch the game without incident.

Desperate for a spin, the mainstream media did have one moment, though. A video of Alabama’s star running back Bo Scarbrough leaving the tunnels and allegedly yelling out “F**K TRUMP!” to his teammates.

The media shared the video as fast as they possibly could… but there’s one problem.

They never confirmed what Scarbrough said.

Critics say these liberal journalists spend too much time among media elites in New York City, and not enough around hardworking young Southern boys about to play football.

Bo yelled “F*** GEORGIA!” about Alabama’s opponent to get his teammates pumped up, his supporters claim. It had nothing to do with the president.

They could be right. Scarbrough, born and raised in rural Alabama, has a thick southern accent. He’s also in tunnel. And Alabama fans say that if you listen closely, you can hear it — and that it’s clearly Georgia (JOEJ’a). His teammates behind him are heard in the background saying it too.

Don’t take our word for it, though.

Here’s what Bo Scarbrough had to say about it himself —