Narrowly avoiding another world war or possible nuclear holocaust, the president has come to a decision on the Iran deal on Friday. The toothless deal signed by President Obama and the repressive regime in 2015 has come up for renewal. During the campaign, the president declared that he would tear the deal up on day one of being in office. Experts have since suggested the deal, already paid for, is an enticement to bring the failed state to the talking table.

The sanctions relief, as part of the Iran Deal, lifted the previously enacted sanctions imposed on the nation. The waiver came up for renewal on Friday. Showing strength, the president has announced this will be the last time the agreement will be renewed in its current state. The recertification of the deal lasts only for 180 days.

Other nations who have signed the agreement are Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, and the European Union. All these entities including the United States have agreed to lift sanctions on Iran to open up trade in the hopes of Iran abandoning nuclear their ambitions.

The deal in its current form does not leave room for security forces or independent agencies to inspect Iranian facilities and ensure the agreement is being upheld. The State Department asserts Congress and global allies need to work to rewrite and improve the deal, or the United States is going to walk away from the multinational agreement.

Some parts of the Iran deal the president would like to see changed are the sunset clause and the need for inspections. The sunset clause will expire after a decade of being imposed. President Trump would like the agreement to be in perpetuity, for as long as the nations agree, to prevent a nuclear weapon appearing in 15 years.

One of the most important measures, the president feels, is the need to have nuclear facilities in Iran be inspected. Either by an international taskforce or an independent agency, inspections of the nuclear sites need to be carried out to ensure the prevention of nuclear proliferation.

Although the sanctions have continued to be waived, sanctions on individuals and entities have been added. More than a dozen different people and entities have been named under new sanctions announced Friday.

Some organizations related to the numerous shipping hazards presented by Iran have called for international attention. A giant supertanker carrying enough oil for a small nation exploded not far from Shanghai this week. Search and rescue efforts have been called off after the ferocity of the conflagration proved immutable.

One of the persons named to be punished is the head of the Iranian judiciary. The actions carried out against the Iranian people in the past couple weeks have been an egregious violation of human rights. Peaceful protestors all across the nation have taken to the streets in a show of solidarity to demonstrate against the corruption of their government.

In a show of force similar to the Green Revolution in 2009, the government cracked down on people trying to express their god given rights. Freedom of expression is a human right defined by the United Nations. The suppression of free speech under the theocratic regime will not be tolerated by the Trump administration.

Hundreds of people have been imprisoned. Reporters are being beaten and provocateurs are being killed. Until the government and state actors are willing to listen to the people, the violators will remain under sanctions. By declaring more than a dozen people, including top-ranking government officials, as human rights violators, the president has placed them under sanctions.

By keeping the Iran Deal in place, President Trump has kept on hand a tool used to beckon Iran. Although known for being deceitful and disingenuous, Iran may be persuaded by a master negotiator. President Trump and his administration have been keeping a firm eye on the Middle Eastern nation.

With the new sanctions being imposed on top of the waiver of multiple sanctions is another excellent play by the president. Signaling he is not willing to negotiate with the largest state sponsor of terror, the Iranian people may also see some improvement in their struggle against the oppressive government.

President Trump works tirelessly to improve the lives of the American people. Around the globe, the president and his administration are working hard to fight in the name of freedom and democracy for people of all creeds and colors.