It seems that every day in the United States of America the citizens are reminded of the duality of the justice system.  For the well-connected and well endowed, the justice system simply becomes a nuisance that needs to be dealt with but for others it will ruin their lives.  Now a veteran of the Marine Corps is facing life in prison after a stranger showed up to his home, tried to force his way in, and fired at the house because the marine fired back at the intruder.

Twenty-eight-year-old Joey Nelson was just relaxing with his fiancée, a few friends, and his three-week-old child when a stranger ruined his life.  They were just hanging out and talking when 39-year-old Michael Wilson began pounding on their door.  It became clear to everyone that the level of intensity in the pounding that it was not a friend at the door.

Alarmed, Nelson went to the door to see what the commotion was and it was there that Wilson began to grow violent.  Nelson asked Wilson to leave because he was not invited, knew no one there, nor had any reason to be trying to force his way into the home.  Wilson grew violent and tried to force his way in and cracked the doorframe in the process, having grabbed his gun Nelson once again commanded Wilson to leave.  Then Wilson drew a gun.

Wilson began firing at Nelson’s house where his three-week-old son was sleeping and actually hit Nelson in the hip. Fearing for his son’s life, Nelson withdrew to the house and fired back at Wilson in order to get him to leave. Wilson fled the scene after the shots and sounds of sirens began to flood the area but he was arrested just a short while after the incident. However, the veteran was arrested immediately and is still in jail.

Throughout the entire incident, three were arrested, Nelson, Wilson, and a guest of Nelson’s named Kori Willhite. Nelson was charged with several felonies whereas Wilson was only charged with a misdemeanor. Although Willhite was arrested for “disguising” her identity and possession of improper prescription drugs, her charges are much more severe than Wilson, who started then entire event.

Wilson faces only a charge of concealing a weapon and the judge only issued a $5,000 bail for him. Willhite faced a $50,000 bond for just two misdemeanors and Nelson faces even worse for defending his property and family from a crazy person with a bail set to $150,000. He is charged with assault with intent to commit murder, assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, assault with a dangerous weapon and felony firearm possession because the firearm was concealed.

What is going on anymore when prosecutors, judges, and police are more interested in forcing a marine veteran to go through this life ruining process while the man who fired at a house of strangers is free to roam the streets?  Wilson literally went up to a random house, tried to break in, fired at the house and is out of jail the same night yet the owner of the home is still in jail.  The justice system in this case is sure not interested in protecting the rights of Nelson, as the city of Detroit has not done anything to make his life easier.

The fact that Wilson faces less severe penalties for firing a house full of people than Nelson is for protecting his home and family is laughable at best. This just shows how the government agencies are more interested in punishing those who stand to lose the most as their agencies are not interested in pursuing charges against Wilson.  This man is clearly a danger to both those around him but also society in general. This deranged man is now the victim in this case.

This is the ideal justice system that a corrupt and crooked Democratically run city like Detroit wants in the future.  One where criminals are free to do as they please, trespass as they please, shoot at whomever they choose, and are out of jail in the same night but those who serve the country are punished to maximum extent of the law.  It is cases like these that remind ordinary Americans what waits for them if they break the law but also that others are held to different standards.

Wilson was not even charged with attempted murder despite Nelson being shot in the hip on his own property. Two systems of justice are present in this case to say the least as the criminal is protected by the law to victimize them while punishing those who should be the victims.