The main stream media machine is crumbling at the seams as their narratives are time and time again exposed.  Their constant attacks against President Trump and failure to give him any sort of credit or chance have turned many against them because they are puppets of the globalists the control their narratives.  This time it was liberal pundit Joy Reid losing it as African-American Pastor Mark Burn’s arguments were exposing her bias and she was unable to offer any substantial rebuttal, forcing her to shut down the interview.

This has been the latest tactic used by television pundits to not only control the narrative, but also the amount of information they will allow aired to their viewers.  Once a guest becomes too rowdy or simply too informative, cutting the interview short is easily the best tactic for these information gate keepers.  These actors on television who produce narratives for their viewers cannot allow counter-arguments to make sense on their shows and thus have to end conversations and silence their opponents.

Joy Reid invited Pastor Mark Burns onto her morning show where the two began to talk about President’s Trump supposed comments during DACA discussions.  The entire week, the media was going crazy about supposed comments that President Trump said about countries in the world and the Haitians “refuges” during negotiations.  Reid was relying on attacking Burn’s faith and character by setting up a loaded question which set the tone for the interview.

“How do you as a man of God justify sending people back to that country?” How is someone in this day and age supposed to answer a question as loaded as that without sounding like an imbecile or attacking the president?  There is no way to answer that question and that shows that these liberal and puppet actors like Joy Reid and other professional fake news artists are only interested in attacking their conservative guests rather than communicating with them.

The interview proceeded to try and act like Burns was a hypocrite while being a pastor and in Reid’s eyes, condemning the Haitians to go back to Haiti.  The entire segment was designed to attack conservative stances rather than listen and work together.  Interviews like these only reveal the main stream media outlets to be the propaganda outlets that they are.

What gets worse is that they are not only failing to establish their “Republicans are hypocrites and Trump is mean” narrative, they are actively censoring news that goes against this segment.  Reid was more interested in trying to trick Burns than she was when Burns began to mention the current African-American unemployment rate.  While the country continues to rebuild itself and begins to see that nationalism and capitalism are not racist, fake news artists like Reid only want to create division.

When Burns began to counter-attack the points made by Reid, her conditioning kicked in and she instantly began to refuse to listen.  She claimed that because it was her show, liberals love power, that she gets to talk and attack as much as she wants and Burns must just sit there and suffer.  Liberals like Reid, and at this point it is fair to say that they are anything but objective, cannot stand to hear counter points against their narrative and such information could cause their audience to question their credibility.

Once their groupthink narrative is broken and people are exposed to information outside the echo chamber, they might begin to realize why so many voted for President Trump and still support him.

People are going to soon realize that the constant Trump hate and attacks on all things conservative are only pushing others to the right or radically left.  Unfortunately, people are beginning to think that these pundits are telling the truth and are truly becoming radicalized to the left.  Attacks on conservatives, both activists and politicians, have been increasing over the past year and those who both normalize violence and dehumanize conservatives are to blame.

Propogandists like Reid are only going to continue to shout louder if she thinks her audience will become too informed from her guests. The fact that she basically had to cut the segment short and stop Burns from not only countering her narrative but praising President Trump in the process says it all as they just blatantly refuse to listen or credit their conservative guests.

Watch Joy Reid Below attack Burns for defending the actions of Trump while she spread fake news about what he might have said.