Germans should convert to Islam, state-funded TV suggests


Native German kids must learn to pray to Allah, a soap opera recommended.

A segment from Lindenstraße, a state-funded TV show, shows a young German woman telling a boy that there’s “another name for God,” and that name is Allah.

“Allah, say it, Allah,” she says, translated from German. “And from today on I would like that God, which we today call Allah, to become much more important in our lives, and that we pray to Allah and are grateful for all that we have…”

“Do you understand that?” She asks the boy, who nods his head.

The segment continues with the woman leading the child in prayer after speaking about the founding of Islam.

Notice how it goes beyond mere tolerance to instead encourage native Germans to adopt the culture of incoming migrants.

Furthermore, because the show is broadcast on state-funded TV, it reveals the conspiracy of the German government to transform German culture into that of a de facto Islamic caliphate.

This isn’t “cultural enrichment,” it’s cultural genocide.

“All European countries have fought for their identity for many, many years,” said Smiths frontman Morrissey in a Nov. 2017 interview which sparked debate. “And now they just throw it away. I think that’s sad.”

He also said multiculturalism only leads to zero culture, but in Germany’s case, that’s debatable: there’ll still be an Islamic culture.

But that’s not Germany’s only problem: the country now has a large foreign population that’s bored, jobless and alienated.

Is it really surprising then that Germany is facing a crime epidemic which coincides with the importation of millions of migrants?