Source: LA Times

After 42 people have already died from an epidemic spreading across California, the liberal state now resembles a “war zone” with hospitals setting up medical tents on the streets.

The Los Angeles Times reports that an influenza A strain known as H3N2 is violently spreading across California, where more than a thousand residents have already sought medical attention at hospitals.

Because so many are trying to access hospitals in San Diego and Los Angeles – where a majority of the infected individuals are located – medical facilities are now being forced to create tents outside to help treat people.

Reports indicate that hospitals resemble “war zones” with a large groups of sick people floating around with nurses and doctors running around in a frenzy to help as many as they can.

Hospitals have also been forced to send ambulances, fly in nurses from other states, and have been forced to prevent children from contacting their loved ones for fear they’ll spread the flu to others.

In one instance, the Loma Linda University Medical Center was forced to assemble a massive brown camping tent last week in the parking lot of the hospital to adhere to all of the infected people that were in desperate need of treatment.

In war, these were called “sugar tents,” which were created to handle and contain outbreaks from spreading when a large group of people are infected.

H3N2 is known for being one if the most virulent strains of the flu, and 42 people in California have already died since October 2017 compared to just nine at the same time in 2016.

State officials are warning that is a dangerous epidemic that could potentially result in hundreds of people dying if more medical professionals and supplies are not allocated to treating people.

This should alarm everyone about what might happen if California cannot contain this deadly disease from spreading and infecting many others.