Sebastian Gorka had been brought to testify about administration’s successes in war on terror…

GORKA OUT: Slams Anti-MAGA Aides in Stunning Resignation Letter

(Brendan Clarey, Liberty Headlines) Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-Ill) hijacked a House Oversight and Government Reform hearing Wednesday, to pick a fight with former Trump aide Dr. Sebastian Gorka.

During a Subcommittee on National Security discussion about the challenges and recent efforts in the fight against ISIS, Krishnamoorthi grilled Gorka about issues completely unrelated to the subject of the hearing, including charges that he supported a neo-Nazi group.

Krishnamoorthi started his interrogation by bringing up an interview from February last year where Michael Medved asked Gorka about the Trump administration’s Holocaust statement, an annual proclamation made by every president in recent history to commemorate the Jewish victims of Nazi Germany.

Medved had asked Gorka about Trump’s statement because it did not explicitly point to the Nazis’ policy of Jewish extermination.

Krishnamoorthi quoted Gorka as saying at the time, “It’s a Holocaust remembrance statement. No. I’m not going to admit it because it’s asinine.”

Krishnamoorthi then looked at Gorka and asked, “Dr. Gorka, it wasn’t asinine for President George H. W. Bush to recognize Jewish extermination in his Holocaust remembrance statement, was it?”

“I don’t know if the good member Mr. Krishnamoorthi has arrived at the wrong hearing,” Gorka shot back. “I was invited here to discuss the Trump policies towards the defeat of ISIS. If you wish to lower this meeting to a smear campaign….”

The two talked over each other constantly before Krishnamoorthi brought up an interview that broadcast on Hungarian television in 2007, where Gorka allegedly supported a Hungarian militia run by Jobbik, an organization reputed to be neo-Nazi, and quoted Gorka as explaining the Jobbik militia as a “big societal need.”

In reply, Gorka said that he never made that statement.

“It was a 12 minute interview which had been scurrilously edited down to two and a half minutes,” Gorka stated. “That is a lie, sir. On the record. It is a distortion of the facts. I rejected the Jobbik, and my father, who defended Jews during WWII as a teenager, has been recognized by Billet and the Tablet magazine as having done so. Sir, I reject your absolute smear campaign.”

Gorka tried to turn it it back to the state of ISIS several times, which was the intended topic of Wednesday’s hearing.

“Under President Trump and Defense Secretary Mattis, America has moved from a strategy of ‘attrition’ to a strategy of ‘annihilation,’” said Gorka. “This has led to unprecedented events such as the surrender of more than 1,000 ISIS jihadis in one day. We have never ever seen this before in modern jihadist history.”

Gorka also said that allowing troops to make decisions on the ground has sparked a morale boost that is far less tangible, but essential in the fight against ISIS.

Michael Pregent, adjunct fellow at the Hudson Institute, gave his testimony next.

He faulted the Obama administration because it “publicly touted victories hours after raids, killing the Intelligence Community’s ability to exploit the ISIS network after a successful ‘JackPot’ – meaning a key leader was captured or killed.”

He also faulted the Obama administration for allowing the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Force (the IRGC Quds) to continue to grow in power.

“The Trump administration’s strategy has pushed resources and decision making down to the combatant commander, expanded our special operations missions to kill and capture key ISIS and Al-Qaeda leadership, and allowed the time for our intelligence agencies to exploit intelligence before touting success to the media and to the terrorist organizations themselves,” Pregent said. “Unfortunately, the Trump administration has also continued to stand by while the IRGC Quds force increases its influence and presence in Iraq and Syria.”

The next testimony was from Phillip Lohaus, a research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

“Though the framework created by President Obama to counter ISIS manifested in gradual achievements, friction emanating from the White House delayed and presented significant complications to battlefield success,” Lohaus said in his testimony. “The Trump administration has taken action to address the missteps of their predecessors, and loosened the reins of the military in conjunction with the heightened pace of operations that the recent battles against ISIS have required.”

Dr. Robert A. Pape, a professor of political science at the University of Chicago, spoke next, arguing that the win against ISIS is not a win for Trump, but the American people.