The left is running out of grievances against Trump

Bizarre: Libs Feel Better Comparing Trump's Physique to Professional Athletes, Actors

The Democrat peanut gallery couldn’t contain themselves when Trump’s doctor said the president was 239lbs at 6’3″, which lead to a mass grasping of straws by the anti-Trump left.

The hashtags #GirtherMovement and #Girther were trending as a nod to Trump’s participation in 2011’s Birther Movement questioning then President Obama’s country of birth, which was actually a movement that Hillary Clinton started.
With news this week that President Trump’s mind is in peak condition, the collective straw-grasping from the tireless crowd that feeds off false narratives had to invent another scandal.This time, it wasn’t his mind, but his body that was the target.

Notable delusional comparisons:

Even Sports Illustrated couldn’t contain themselves.

Just as Michael Wolff’s book challenging Trump’s mental health was proven to be a work of partisan fiction, this too displays the left’s ceaseless drive to create their own narrative aimed at undermining the president, this time by comparing professional athletes in their prime to a 71-year-old lifelong businessman.