It has been years since the United States federal government last had a shutdown, which last occurred during the Obama administration’s watch in 2013. However, due to the decision by Congressional Democrats to refuse to vote for any funding bill for the new year that doesn’t include generous funding for ‘young’ illegal immigrants in the United States, a new shutdown seems imminent. Further, Democrats seem to be disinterested in whether or not their hard-line stance will cause government bureaucrats (one of the DNC’s most loyal constituencies) to be temporarily laid off until a spending bill can be passed.

Chuck Schumer, a top Senate Democrat, has said that there’s a “very, very strong” feeling among his party and its political class to oppose any GOP legislation that would prevent the shutdown.  Without the passage of such stop-gap legislation, it is unlikely that the government would continue to operate as normal past Friday, January 19.

According to Chuck Schumer, “the overwhelming number in our caucus have said they don’t like this deal and they believe if we kick the can down the road this time we’ll be back where we started from next time.”  He continued on to say that because of this, “there’s very, very strong support not to go along with their deal.”  It almost sounds like the DNC is less interested in what’s best for the American citizen (according to them, anyway) and more interested in attempting to force Republicans to give them a legislative victory at the cost of the American people and overwhelming desire to see meaningful reform to our immigration policies.

Indeed, the Democrat party does seem to be emboldened by their willingness to fight over spending money on people who are illegally in the United States.  The DNC seems to see it as a chance to fight, head-on, with President Donald J. Trump, who they has almost constantly decried as racist, xenophobic, and otherwise bigoted toward people who are not from the United States.

However, the DNC doesn’t seem to be heeding the fact that this hard-line stance, which can only be fairly called an extremely leftist one, does not appeal to everyone in the United States.  In fact, while it may endear the Democrat party to its ‘immigrant’ and ‘minority’ constituencies, the idea that ‘DREAMers’ should be handed amnesty is one that does not play well with moderates. Moreover, there are countless records of the democrats saying the very same things about illegals that the GOP is saying now. The only difference is that Obama helped them use illegal votes.

Illegal immigration is an extremely prickly issue in the United States, and for most citizens, they are not in favor of amnesty for more illegal immigrants.  There have already been at least two rounds of amnesty for illegal immigrants in the United States, and each time the amnesty came with the condition that the DNC would back enforcement efforts to prevent more illegal immigrants from coming into the nation.

The DNC has a history of making deals when it comes to illegal immigration. However, as with so many things that the DNC does, they also have a history of not keeping their side of the bargain, and repeatedly decided after the fact that they would rather continue allowing illegal immigrants in rather than enforcing the border.

They do this because they know that illegal immigrants and the first generation of their offspring tend to be overwhelmingly likely to vote for the Democrat party (as much as 88 percent of first-generation offspring will vote for the DNC candidate). In other words, every round of amnesty that the DNC can push through the legislature is another chance for them to gain millions of votes.

At this point, the choice is between allowing illegal immigrants to stay (at expense to the American taxpayer) or shutting down the government. For fans of small government, the choice is an easy one; let the government shut down for a few days and wait until the DNC blinks.

A bigger question about the possible government shutdown, however, is who will get the blame.  The DNC, along with its allies in the mainstream media, have managed to blame almost every prior government shutdown on the Republican Party, whether they were responsible for it or not.

The two budget shutdowns during the Clinton presidency, for example, were both blamed on the Republican party, even though they both stemmed from Bill Clinton refusing to use realistic numbers generated by the Congressional Budget Office instead of the Office of Management and Budget to set the budget by.

Whoever takes the blame, the Republican party needs to remember one thing: the DNC has nothing to gain by stopping the flow of ILLEGAL immigrants into the United States.  The Republican party MUST stop giving them free votes by allowing illegal immigrants full amnesty.