First Lady Melania Trump has banned White House staff from receiving the flu shot after learning of the adverse health effects associated with the controversial vaccine, according to reports.

While public debate rages about the safety of this season’s flu shot, Melania Trump says that as far as she is concerned, she won’t have people endangering her son with their “dangerous” flu shot diseases.

I will not allow incubators of dangerous viruses to come anywhere near my son,” the First Lady said.

After researching the ingredients used in making the flu shot, and becoming concerned about potential negative health effects, including death, Melania Trump said she was “amazed that it [flu shot] is being pushed so hard by the media this year.

The First Lady, who proudly describes herself as a “full-time mom”, then realized that this year’s flu shot is only 10% effective – and the flu strains contained in the vaccine may be responsible for spreading serious cases of influenza.

Many of the victims of this year’s deadly flu epidemic – including many of the dead – received a flu shot shortly before they came down with the virus.

In Santa Barbara eight people had died of the flu this month. Seven of them had the flu shot. This deadly pattern is replicating itself across the country, yet health officials are still telling people to get the flu shot, even though it does not work this season.

In the interests of her son Barron’s health – as well as her own – Melania decided to avoid the flu shot this year. She also decided to clean up the White House, encouraging staffers against taking the flu shot.

But as Melania explained, this wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Every year the pharmaceutical industry, medical experts and the mainstream media work hard to convince us to get vaccinated against the flu. 2018 is no different.

But, as usual, we’re not being told the whole story.

Pharmaceutical companies provide mainstream media outlets with a huge percentage of their advertising revenue. Big pharmaceutical companies actually spend far more on advertising than research. We are talking hundreds of billions of dollars.

Big Pharma’s dollars effectively purchase the obedience of mainstream media. You can no longer believe anything they say about pharmaceuticals, especially vaccines.

It is clear Big Pharma is desperate to ensure mainstream media outlets never tell us about adverse reactions or the toxic chemicals being injected into us in the flu shot.

While the CDC attempts to convince us that the flu shot is safe, doctors working for the agency have warned us that the opposite is true.

The sad fact is that we cannot rely on the CDC and mainstream media to protect us. We must do our own research and educate ourselves.

In the First Lady’s case, her self-education led to her total ban on the flu shot among White House staffers, encouraging the use of natural immunity-boosters, instead of the ineffective and dangerous vaccine.

Melania said that in order to justify the ban to the staffers, she had to provide “plenty of scientific evidence.

I have a friend who is a holistic doctor, she provides me with most of my dietary advice and nutritional supplements. She provided me with a wealth of information about the reality of vaccines in 2018,” the First Lady said.

I spent a lot of time researching, reading, really studying the subject. I had to feel totally confident I was making the right decision for my son.”

“It took a few months but I finally felt totally confident with my decision.”

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The influence that Big Pharma has over the U.S. population is profound, and deeply disturbing. Once you start looking, you realize that Big Pharma is everywhere. And, unfortunately, they are more interested in profits than public health.

But as Melania Trump says, once you educate yourself and make the effort to avoid their unnecessary products, you will find peace of mind, and the health of your family will improve.