Ignoring the illegal nature of being in the USA is not moral…

(CNS News) Fox News’ Tucker Carlson laughed at Jorge Ramos’ when the Univision anchor declared it is “moral” to shun the term “illegal aliens.”

On his Friday show, Carlson pointed out to Ramos that “illegal alien” is the term used in official U.S. government documents.

And, when Ramos objected, Carlson said he was “just going to go ahead and go with the accurate description” of those who break the law to enter the country…


“The moral point of view? Except those who are illegal. And, I’m going to go ahead and just not be bullied and just call them what they are.”

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“But, the point is, the government of Mexico could not exist without them, and that’s the point,” Carlson added, noting that the billions of dollars of remittances sent back to Mexico by illegal aliens in the U.S. represent Mexico’s largest source of cash – exceeding even its oil export revenue.”

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