Former presidential candidate gives a shoutout to her fellow kids.

Posted By: Emily Zanotti

In a bizarre video posted to Twitter Friday night, Hillary Clinton gave a “shout out” to her fellow feminists, thanking all the “activists bitches for supporting bitches.”

It’s not clear when the video was recorded — all we know is that Clinton was speaking to Huffington Post commentator and Bros4Hillary founder Alex Mohajer at the time, and that it’s enough to, quite possibly, scar most Americans for life.

The video was apparently, a “thank you” to her supporters. When asked to deliver a message to her fellow feminists Clinton expresses gratitude for “your feminism, your activism” and instructs her supporters and fellow resisters to “keep up the really important good work.”

Off camera, someone then asks Clinton to say something to all the “activist bitches supporting bitches,” and, clearly believing she could not phrase it better, Clinton simply thanks her “activists bitches supporting bitches.”

She ends her message of gratitude with a simple, “So lets go!” and returns to her meal.

The video could be new, or it could be a relic from a short-lived campaign arc, where Clinton attempted, unsuccessfully, to convince millennial women that she was, indeed, relevant to modern feminism. At one point, Clinton even recorded a Snapchat wherein she called herself “Chillary Clinton,” because that’s what the kids do.