This Memo Includes The Men Who Are Closely Involved In Setting Up President Trump

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New reports are making headlines about the enigmatic Congressional memo. The most recent information on the four pages within the FISA memo assert top government officials are named.

Top leaders within the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ), current and former, have been called out for their corruption and subversion of justice. Leaked information named former FBI director Comey, his deputy McCabe, and their boss Rosenstein.

The Obama administration has created an enduring legacy of incompetence and treason. Plagued by bureaucratic holdovers and the slowest federal appointment process in history, President Trump still employs many radical democrats in some of the highest positions of the state.

Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has been specifically named within the memo drafted by the House Intelligence Committee. Only a few weeks away from retiring with full benefits, the president has taunted McCabe over twitter.

Former FBI director, Jim Comey, is another name that appears in the memo for his unethical actions. Now employed as a lecturer of ethical business practices, no one has done more to shatter the respect of the agency since it was conceived by Edgar J. Hoover.

The FBI reports directly to the deputy attorney general. Rod Rosenstein is the second most powerful person in the Department of Justice and has been named by the FISA memo for his seditious behavior. After the recusal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Rosenstein took charge of the Russian investigation and heads Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigating the Russian collusion.

The memo was drafted by Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee and describes the events that led to the beginning of the Mueller probe.

The memo has been described as dealing with the abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) courts. Democrats on the same committee have called the memo misleading and a Russian conspiracy. Perhaps Comey wasn’t able to cover for them.

Over 60 lawmakers in the House of Representatives have called for the immediate release of the memo. Going for over a week now, the #ReleaseTheMemo campaign has gained traction and is garnering media attention. As legislatures go on TV and demand the memo to be shown to the public, the Department of Justice has asked for the memo not to be released just yet.

Justice Department spokespersons have come out and declared justice officials need to review the document before it should be seen by the public. Asserting the allegations need to be addressed as soon as possible, the DOJ would like time to act on misconduct within the department before the people become aware.

Legislatures who have seen the memo argue the Department of Justice has no need to see the document. Based on information and documents provided to Congress by the FBI, and extension the DOJ, officials have pointed out the Department of Justice has all the information already contained in the memo.

Rather than working for the people, the Justice Department seems to be working to cover their back end. The same day specific names are released, the DOJ miraculously recovers the thousands of texts from disgraced investigator Peter Strzok.

Strzok and his adulteress Lisa Page have been removed from the Mueller investigation for the supposed bias against the president. As oversight committees looked into the demotion of the agents, five months of text messages seemed to have disappeared. The entire Obama FBI under Comey is rife with corruption.

Strzok has worked on every major investigation for the past three years. He has mysteriously lost the five months of text messages leading to his promotion to the Russian investigation.

Part of the released text messages reveal a secret society in which high ranking government officials met to discuss the overthrow of a sitting United States President. Within their communications, Strzok and Page name a number of officials willing to work against the people of the nation.

Of the 400 pages originally released, the communications of Strzok reveal a very alarming reality of American politics. The Obama administration used the intelligence community to spy on a political opponent. The clandestine coup continued after President Trump took office.

The multiple officials named in the memo should give every American pause to think. The extreme corruption and the far-reaching arms of the swamp present a danger to American Democracy.

President Trump has spent the last year baiting the media and allowing an absurd investigation to drive headlines. Now it seems the tables have turned and the truth, rising to the surface, will help to purge the deep state and drain the swamp.