Google’s SJW employees to have influence over your local news


Google is developing an app to feed news (and whatever propaganda it’s pushing) at no cost to local newspapers, effectively granting the tech giant control over local news.

The news gathering app, called Bulletin, would collect news from neighborhood sources and everyday citizens which is then shared with local news outlets for free under Creative Commons.

Why it’s dangerous: Google’s modus operandi has always revolved around control, and according to Axios, the stories would be subject to “Google’s news and content standards.”

That means Google would effectively act as Editor-in-Chief of local newspapers by deciding what stories are gold and what stories to bury on the app.

In short, Google’s SJW employees will have influence over your neighborhood news.

Speculative, but still scary: It’s well-known that smartphone cameras have revolutionized the spread of viral news and information. Just think of Walter Scott shooting in South Carolina, which was caught by cell phone.

It’s also well-known that “augmented reality,” such as the Pokémon GO game, is the latest tech trend; tech companies love it because it puts smartphone cameras in places that would otherwise never be filmed.

So isn’t it theoretically possible that the app could eventually offer “augmented reality” video capture that would encourage users to “gather news” by filming locations inaccessible to Google Street View cars?

Is Bulletin the Google version of Pokémon GO, which was funded by the CIA’s venture capital firm In-Q-Tel?