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President Donald Trump just got really good news — and it will make the mainstream media screaming mad.

According to the latest Fox News poll, Trump’s approval rating has soared in recent months. A roaring economy and a strong military, his new tax reforms, and his victory over the Democratic Party’s attempted government shutdown over DACA has more and more Americans agreeing that Trump is doing a good job.

Fox News reported Thursday that between Jan. 21-23 2018, Trump’s approval rating jumped a jaw dropping seven points and is currently at 45% overall.

That matches up very well with former presidents.

For example, former President Barack Obama’s approval rating was 46% overall on Feb. 2-3, 2010, a comparable point in time.

Despite a 24-hour blitz by the liberal media and an undemocratic “resistance” among top establishment leaders, America continues to support Trump’s efforts to drain the swamp. He’s just as popular as Obama, who the media practically worshiped (and never dared attack) for eight years.