“People’s State of the Union” organized by George Soros-backed group

| Infowars.com

While most Americans are enjoying a generous tax cut and genuine hope for their economic future, bloated mega-rich celebrities are planning yet another tiresome anti-Trump temper tantrum.

Following on from the Grammys, which was stuffed full of odious out of touch celebs blithely regurgitating the same braindead cliches about America being in peril, a group of Hollywood elitists are now planning a “People’s State of the Union” on the eve of President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address.

Quite how west coast luvvies with their tens of millions of dollars of net worth have any idea whatsoever what ‘the people’ are thinking or experiencing is anyone’s guess, but when there’s virtue to be signaled, the usual suspects won’t hesitate to show their faces.

Participants in the event later today, which will take place at the Town Hall in Manhattan, include Michael Moore, the turncoat who initially told his fans not to endorse Hillary Clinton but then did a complete 180 and endorsed her when he realized he could extend his flagging, fatuous career by becoming the left’s anti-Trump hysteric-in-chief.

Mark Ruffalo, one of the most divisive celebrities in America, will also be on hand to oppose, in his own words, Trump’s “divisive agenda,” along with Alyssa Milano, Rosie Perez and Whoopi Goldberg.

The event is being organized by We Stand United, a front group for MoveOn.org, which is financed by billionaire globalist George Soros, perhaps the only man on the planet who’s more disconnected from actual salt of the earth Americans than Michael Moore or Mark Ruffalo.

As Lauren DeBellis Appell notes, it’s getting increasingly difficult to ascertain what exactly these celebrities are “resisting”.

Is it the fact that ISIS is on the run across the Middle East? Is it 18-year low unemployment records for women? Is it all time record low unemployment rates for black people? Companies moving back to America and giving their employees pay raises?

While Trump continues to offer Americans a return on his campaign promises with actual policy results, celebrities continue to offer little more than empty platitudes as they desperately try to out-virtue signal each other.