Source: National Review

Nearly two-thirds of Americans support restrictions on late-term abortions. Democrats are ignoring them — and science. The Senate will vote this evening on a bill to ban abortions beginning at 20 weeks’ gestation, based on research finding that fetuses at this age are able to feel pain. The House passed the bill in October; the last time the Senate considered similar legislation was in 2015, but due to a Democratic filibuster, it failed to reach the necessary 60 votes to end debate and proceed to a final vote. In all likelihood, this bill will also fail to get 60 votes, because of the GOP’s razor-thin Senate majority. The radical pro-abortion lobby has such a firm hold on the Democratic party that too few of its senators will dare to cross the aisle and vote for this eminently humane legislation. Those who do will deserve high praise. (Joe Manchin of West Virginia, for one, has confirmed to National Review that he plans to support the legislation.) This debate demonstrates exactly how far the Left has managed to push the goalposts on abortion — our Congress is arguing not over whether women should have the right to dispense with their unwanted unborn children but over whether those children should be spared death by dismemberment when they are capable of feeling pain.

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