Set to expose Hillary & Obama spying on Trump campaign


Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-SC) says the release of the FISA memo will ‘shake the FBI to its core’ as he revealed that the document exposes how the agency was weaponized by Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration to spy on the Trump campaign.

“Having read “The Memo,” the FBI is right to have “grave concerns” – as it will shake the organization down to its core – showing Americans just how the agency was weaponized by the Obama officials/DNC/HRC to target political adversaries,” tweeted Duncan.

Democrats appear to be becoming increasingly desperate as the release of the memo draws nearer, with reports suggesting it could be made public on Friday morning.

Nancy Pelosi called on Speaker Paul Ryan to remove the author of the memo Devin Nunes from the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, accusing him of “deliberately dishonest actions”.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder also claimed that the memo was “bogus” and “contrived,” an ambitious statement given that he hasn’t read it, before describing its potential release as “dangerous and irresponsible”.

FBI Director Christopher Wray is reportedly pressuring the White House to redact all names in the memo prior to its release, which would undoubtedly dilute its impact.

“FBI Calling for names to be “redacted” in “The Memo” defeats the purpose of “The Memo” in providing the transparency into the rogue actions of those named! Seems like FBI in total CYA mode after Wray read Memo,” tweeted Duncan in response.

Speculation is now raging that Wray could resign if the memo is released, although others insist that this threat is just a tactic to prevent Trump from green lighting the release of the memo.

As we reported earlier, according to Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell, Trump is being “threatened” by the FBI to not release the memo in order to cover-up their own rampant corruption which is set to be exposed in the four page document.