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Fox News is under attack by a former employee — but the network has come out swinging with their own set of facts. The latest allegations against the cable news giant shocked the world — but are they true?

Andrea Tantaros, once a co-host of “The Five” and “Outnumbered,” has leveled explosive new allegations of sexual misconduct against the conservative cable news network as part of her ongoing lawsuits.

She claims that former CEO Roger Ailes – who died last year, just 10 months after resigning over sexual harassment allegations – used closed circuit television to watch women in other rooms undress.

“Fox offices are where most Fox female talent, including Ms. Tantaros, disrobed daily from their regular clothing into their on-air attire, sometimes multiple times a day,” reads the suit, according to Variety.

The lawsuit also said women at the network were secretly recorded during a “bi-annual trunk show,” in which they would try on new clothes “without even the benefit of a curtain.”

In addition, Tantaros claims the network placed software in her personal laptop to spy on her.

“Fox News is a company that isn’t afraid to spy, hack, bully or weaponize any tool or method at its disposal,” Tantaros wrote in her complaint, according to Courthouse News.

But the network is fighting back against these allegations with the following statement:

“Fox News moved for sanctions against the lawyer who filed Andrea Tantaros’ original lawsuit and he has since withdrawn. None of the four lawyers currently representing Tantaros in the action signed her new complaint, which she purports to have written herself. Her outlandish claims lack any factual basis.”

Indeed, Tantaros now appears to be representing herself after burning through multiple attorneys.

Her original lawyer, Judd Burstein, quit after what he called “an irretrievable breakdown in the attorney-client relationship,” according to the Law & Crime website.

He said, however, that he continues to believe in the merits of the case, first filed in 2016 after a dispute with the network pulled her off the air.

It’s not clear why she is now apparently representing herself, or why these bombshell accusations weren’t filed by any of her previous representatives.

Fox News remains a cable powerhouse, often on top of the ratings on the strength of shows such as “Fox & Friends,” “The Five” (which once featured Tantaros) and of course the must-see TV put out every night by Sean Hannity.

However, the network has also been reeling after a series of salacious allegations made by multiple former employees including Tantaros, Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson.

Those allegations have brought down multiple Fox News bigwigs, both on the screen and behind the scenes, including the longtime face of the network, Bill O’Reilly.

O’Reilly, who strongly denies the allegations, has been active online as rumors of him turning up on a rival network continue to gain steam.