Jeremiah Johnson

Most of the time a headline is not enough, nor even a “wake-up” call from a Julian Assange or an Edward Snowden. Many times, the headlines or warnings are buried beneath a plethora of duplicitous distractions crafted by the Mainstream Media (MSM) that are tabloid in nature: sensationalism, not focused and objective reporting. But the passage of time tends to turn the conscientious into dullards and dim the memories until they are forgotten.

We all know how October 1, 2016, Obama turned over control of the Internet to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Do you know what their slogan is? “One World, One Internet.”

Using the “social needs” portion of the Hierarchy of Needs pyramid…to foster groupthink and group cooperation, all of American society (from birth to death) is precisely controlled and funneled into a system that will enable the docility of subjects (citizens, if you prefer) and their transition into the global governance and the New World Order (NWO).

Here is a statement made by an ICANN board member regarding the transition from U.S. government control to “stewardship” by a corporation that is supposedly an NPO (Non-Profit Organization). Take note of the language.

“This transition was envisioned 18 years ago, yet it was the tireless work of the global Internet community, which drafted the final proposal, that made this a reality,” said ICANN Board Chair Stephen D. Crocker. “This community validated the multistakeholder model of Internet governance. It has shown that a governance model defined by the inclusion of all voices, including business, academics, technical experts, civil society, governments and many others is the best way to assure that the Internet of tomorrow remains as free, open and accessible as the Internet of today.”

As can be seen, the singsong language contradicts itself: “…multistakeholder model of Internet governance…”   “…a governance model…,”    “…the best way to assure…”  “…the Internet of tomorrow remains as free…as the Internet of today.”

The word “free” is used to describe the Internet in the same sentence as “Internet governance.” No liberty there…except the liberties they take in “taking care of all of this for us,” while they “take care of us,” no doubt. Games.  Games played by the stakeholders. Multistakeholder?  Would that be Prof. Van Helsing in Dracula? Or is it referring to the usual “conga line” of nabobs, such as oligarchs and their front-corporations, and the politicos. The sacred triumvirate of power-broker billionaires to own it all, elected thieves enriched by the billionaires to place it into law that oligarchs and politicos own and control it, and the religious silver-tongued swami’s (pick any denomination) to soothe the serfs and use sacred scripts to assure a smoothly-sailing servitude, with no say-so.

So, the current model of Internet governance assures us that the Internet will always be free…and that is why ICANN currently has one of their main offices in Beijing, right next to State Security of the People’s Republic of China.

Look deeply, and you can see it. A few years ago, L-1 Identity Solutions was tasked with the creation of biometric systems for passports and driver’s licenses by the U.S. government. Let’s take a quote out of Wikipedia to see what L-1 does:

“L-1 Identity Solutions, Inc. is a large American defense contractor in Connecticut. It was formed on August 29, 2006, from a merger of Viisage Technology, Inc. and Identix Incorporated. It specializes in selling face recognition systems, electronic passports such as Fly Clear, and other biometric technology to governments such as the United States and Saudi Arabia. It also licenses technology to other companies internationally, including China.”

How nice: multistakeholders, again. But wait! There’s more!  L-1 isn’t L-1 any longer: it was bought by Safran in 2011 for about $1 billion. This is a French company…a multi-subsidiary holding company, to be exact. “Identity management” is one of the cards they hold in their deck of activities. So, what about L-1 of Connecticut? Well, it shifted into Morpho, the security and identity division of Safran. And then Morpho “morphed” into OT (Oberthur Technologies) Morpho, still specializing in the digital security and biometrics as before.

But the big news in all of this is that an international firm has bought an American firm that is responsible for biometric and digital data in U.S. passports and driver’s licenses.  

In the past two weeks we saw the introduction of H.R. Bill 4760, that includes detailed and lengthy provisions for what amounts to the establishment of national ID cards and passports that ensure complete control of citizens before they exit the borders of the United States.

All these activities point toward a subtle movement and integration of the U.S. into an international interdependency that will eventually lead to all U.S. economic, social, and infrastructure systems being placed under foreign control…toward the abolition of American sovereignty and the destruction of U.S. borders, language, culture, and way of government.

By performing such actions slowly and incrementally, it keeps the activities out of the public eye and the forefront of scrutiny. Work, taxation, consumption, and entertainment…THX-1138 ad infinitum…until cage has been completely constructed. The power-brokers, oligarchs, nabobs, and religious leaders all have assured themselves a “seat at the table” after the United States is carved up, subjugated, and reduced in numbers.

To paraphrase their own words: governance to assure freedom.

You know, governance: all with the barrel of a gun to “help you with your compliance” in the same manner as the governing authorities “assure your freedom.” Night and day, they’re working nonstop to close the cage and implement these systems…while also working to maintain the stultifying theatrics of the Super Bowl, movies to escape from reality, and tabloid non-news to shape and mold public opinion.

Governments, politicians, corporations, and oligarchs do not do these types of things for no reason. Frog in the kettle. They are implementing a global system of surveillance and control, and the United States is the final obstacle for that global governance. The result will not be smiling stewardship…it will be totalitarianism with teeth…. rule by force, not government by consent.  Malthus, More, Marx…and “1984” by Orwell will be only fictitious in the scope of the narrative. The existence of the totalitarian State and all its facets described will be a reality, and when it’s in place, that boot Orwell imagined may very well be trampling upon the face of humanity forever.