Editor’s Note: It’s now being revealed that many of the Russians who attended the National Prayer Breakfast are anti-Putin oligarchs – including the woman funded by George Soros who’s running against Russian President Putin! And CNN and the rest of the mainstream media didn’t bother to report any of that because it doesn’t fit into the fake “Russian collusion” narrative.

CNN reported that “60 representatives from Russia’s religious and political elite are expected to attend, more than three times last year’s number, according to Russian officials.”

Other outlets followed CNN’s lead, running wild headlines, including “Trump and Large Russian Delegation Attend National Prayer Breakfast, Organizers Say” and “Influx of Russian leaders set to attend Donald Trump’s National Prayer Breakfast, officials claim” by Newsweek and the London Evening Standard, respectively.

Buried deeper in the CNN piece is the disclosure that more than 3,800 people from 130 countries were expected to attend.

“I can confirm that this year, the Breakfast will be attended by more than 3,800 individuals representing over 130 countries and territories around the world,” said A. Larry Ross, a spokesman for Fellowship Foundation, which organizes the event. “Approximately 55 are coming from Russia, including a group of 35 young professionals — millennial doctors, lawyers and business leaders in their 20s and 30s — invited out of a context of relationship and faith.”

CNN also reported on the establishment of a “Russia House” to be used for informal meetings near the event – a common procedure for large international gatherings.

The Prayer Breakfast inspired a fresh slew of anti-Christian sentiments and expressions of Trump Derangement Syndrome on social media.

A former Democrat strategist for Barack Obama asserted that the presence of the Russian delegation was evidence of “Trump treason.”

Last year’s prayer breakfast came shortly after the end of the Obama administration, which had effectively declared diplomatic war on Russia on their way out the door, levying new sanctions on Moscow, expelling 35 Russian officials on short notice, and seizing two Russian diplomatic compounds in Maryland and New York – all under the auspices that Russia had ‘hacked’ the U.S. presidential election and somehow colluded with the Trump campaign to ensure his victory.

President Obama used more than one Prayer Breakfast to jab at Christianity, including his 2015 address in which he drew an equivalence between ISIS atrocities and the Crusades – failing to mention what precipitated the Crusades.

“Unless we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ,” Obama said. “And in our home country, slavery, and Jim Crow, all too often was justified in the name of Christ.”

Watch President Trump’s 2018 National Prayer Breakfast speech HERE

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