Some of the comments on Twitter were extremely insulting and derogatory.

The only thing worse than a wealthy liberal insulting ordinary Americans is when they do it just after these people benefit from economic measures executed by the right. This way, almost every single working-class American citizen that is getting more money thanks to the tax cuts, will be the target of angry leftists who already lost their perspective and even civil decency.

The most disgusting example of this awful reality came from MSNBC host Katy Tur. Believe it or not, this woman posted a couple of tweets mocking about some people from Ohio who expressed their joy about getting some extra $1,000  thanks to the tax cuts. After her posts, some of her liberal fans decided to insult these people by calling them “idiots” and even “poor dummies.”

Everything started at President Donald Trump’s rally in Ohio, where speakers talked about what they were planning to do with the extra dollars they would get.

During that event, these people held no reserves in expressing the joy they felt by the extra bucks they were going to receive, that was the opportunity that liberals chose to mock them.

What seemed to be quite horrible is the fact that one of those liberals was Tur, who showed no empathy by a group of people that don’t have the privilege to earn as much as her.

Believe it or not, the MSNBC host tweeted how stupid it was for one man at the Ohio Trump event to feel happy for the $1,000. That man, in particular, said that he was going to save the money to start a family, which Tur brutally mocked by saying that the average cost to give birth to a single child in this state was $5,836.

In addition to showing her incredible lack of empathy to working-class Americans, the MSNBC personality also showed how repugnant her stupidity is.


After all, it was clear that she was misinterpreting what this man said, considering that instead of covering the cost of starting a family, more money in his pocket will free him up to do more for himself and his family.

Far from stopping there, Tur eventually turned her disgust for working-class Americans with another tweet where she mocked a woman who also made a similar comment.

At the Ohio Trump event, this woman expressed her joy and said that with the extra $1,000 she was going to help her family.

Just as what she did with the man, Tur mocked this woman on Twitter in a way that clearly misi

Tur tweeted that the woman who spoke at the event said she was going to use the extra money to buy a house and pay for her two kids who are going to college.


While that wasn’t exactly what the woman said, Tur kept humiliating her by posting the prices of a house and the average cost of private and public colleges in the state.

Unsurprisingly, some of Tur’s Twitter followers immediately retweeted her posts and started to mock these people in the most despicable ways.

One user in particular even said that is not a surprise that Ohio conservatives are so stupid, and another one said that while everyone could feel sorry for those “idiots,” they voted “for the sh#thole”

Fortunately, several other Twitter users actually pointed out this whole stupidity and brutally criticized the MSNBC personality for mocking these people.

One of these tweets came from conservative organization The Reagan Battalion, which claimed how this ugly episode would do nothing more than to intensify people’s mistrust in the mainstream media.

Journalist Steve Krakauer was also one of the people who criticized Tur on this social media network. He said that what the MSNBC host did was nothing more than “condescending analysis.”

While it is part of the political game that Democrats try to fear monger and discredit the tax cut in every single way, what Tur did is extremely offensive and unacceptable.

After all, far from aiming politicians or powerful companies, she’s actually picking ordinary working-class American citizens to ridicule them and make her political punch line against conservatives.

In fact, what seems even more disgusting is that she’s manipulating their statements just to make them look like a bunch of idiots.

While $1,000 doesn’t represent anything to people like Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi, this is a very decent number for most of Americans.

In addition, it is the greatest evidence that the demonized tax cut executed by the Trump administration actually worked.

Which seems to be what people like Tur cannot accept.