WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group)The Daily Mail is reporting dogs and puppies are being sold in a South Korean food market despite claims that the practice would end last May.

The selling of dogs is happening in Moran market, Seongnam – known as the largest open-air dog market in South Korea.

The market, where up to 80,000 dogs are being sold and slaughtered, is located right outside of Seoul. The dogs are eventually made into soup that is sold for $8, according to The Daily Mail.

In May 2017, the Seongnam City government claimed that the market would close and that they would “ultimately stop the dog meat trade.” But the pictures captured by The Daily Mail show that puppies are being sold for as little as $9.20.

Dogs are put in freezing cages before being slaughtered. Their fur is burned off and carcasses are put up on display.

The Daily Mail reports authorities in the country have urged citizens not to eat dogs while the Olympics are in session due to international pressure. But the custom has continued to occur.

One in three Koreans have reportedly eaten dog meat at least once, The Daily Mail says.