Why is YouTube allowing this video to stay up?

Sources: The Conservative Daily PostIOTW Report

The cruelty that is the new normal in America has reached a level that most people could never have imagined. Underneath the smiles and “how do you do’s” on any given day we all knew that we were as flawed as anyone else, but it hurts to see anyhow. What one YouTube poster recorded and posted on the popular video channel only reinforces what we all feared.

The IOTW Report has revealed that someone filmed a video showing a man molesting a girl who is passed out on the sidewalk in Las Vegas. The foul work was called “Brother taking advantage of a drunk white girl” and it was posted on social media as if the ladies humiliation meant nothing.

For that matter, to most people with a soul, being seen in such a video would be humiliating and mournful, yet there is no regret to come from some within our society who have allowed their hearts to grow colder than Winter Olympic snow. It is now something to brag and boast about, apparently.

The video was listed under “comedy” but only the truly sadistic among us are laughing any.

The most worrisome part of the video is that there are a lot of people in Las Vegas standing around who are allowing it to happen. There are times, such, as during Mardi Gra, when women are parading around topless and an unwanted touch may happen. While it must not be accepted, it can be understood (though not justified).

Also, there are times that men act in such a way that women assume that they are single and they act upon it when the man is not. This too is something that happens rather often.

However, when the setting is as average and vanilla as this video portrays (for it looks like a line for a concert or sporting event) and to the degree that this shows, any decent person is sickened.

Tail-gating or pre-concert drinking, if that is what it was, is normal. Sometimes people party a bit too hard and the whole event is missed. That in no way gives anyone the right to do what is seen in this footage.

The exact details may never be known, but they don’t really matter. It cannot be imagined that the two were a couple and that this was just a silly game taken too far. No, this seems to have been done with the sole purpose of disgracing someone sexually.

This is why so much of the world wonders what is happening to America, the supposed “shining city on a hill,” as President Kennedy had said. Sure, the E.U. is now a rape haven, but that is largely due to others coming into the culture and trying to destroy it, not necessarily a deep wound on the native people’s soul.

In America, while we do have a migration problem, that is not what is leading to many of the problems that we see. Far too often, it is Americans being dreadfully uncaring about fellow Americans. YouTube is just as callous.

If this is all the better that we can be, we have as much to worry about as Sweden. Perhaps, even more.