Mac Slavo

The deep state may finally be stooping to even lower levels in order to remove Donald Trump from office. Since all major financial collapses are planned, many have concluded that the deep state will destroy the stock market to attack Trump.

Following President Donald Trump‘s approval for the release of the damning FISA memo that proves Hillary Clinton and DNC collusion with the Obama regime to illegally spy on Trump campaign officials, the deep state is now “going nuclear” by attempting to decimate the stock market and remove Trump from power. According to Natural News, many analysts are sounding the alarm.

Four prominent opinion leaders across independent media are now saying almost the same thing. They are Peter Schiff, Michael Savage, Alex Jones, and Mike Adams.

 “Unfortunately, that’s what Trump has inherited from Obama. But it’s not even really just Obama, it’s the federal reserve. It’s the monetary policy that has been passed like a baton from Clinton to Bush to Obama and now to Trump. And we’re near the end of the game and unfortunately, Trump’s gonna be the fall guy. This thing is all gonna collapse while he’s president.” -Peter Schiff

“Trump’s stirring SOTU speech last week was so great that even CBS admitted 75 percent of the people who watched it approved of it and loved it. So what happened right afterwards? The Establishment, meaning the ‘Deep State,’ call it whatever you want, went into overdrive to destroy Trump, or try to destroy him, where he is strongest, because they couldn’t get him where they thought he was weakest. So they are taking the market down. They are trying to hurt you. They are the enemies of the average American. Make no mistake about it, they are going for you! These people are so evil and so power-drunk that they’d burn the nation to the ground rather than let Donald Trump live another day in office.” –Michael Savage

“The mainstream media… is in the news simultaneously trying to drive down markets [by] saying, “For those of you who supported Trump, his antics are the reason why the stock market is down.” No, it was up three trillion plus dollars because of exuberance, the talk of tax cuts and the belief that America was back to being business.” -Alex Jones

“The deep state will do anything and everything to get Trump out of office. If they have to shoot Air Force One out of the sky, they will.  If they have to kill tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Americans, the deep state will do it because they don’t care, they only need Trump gone. Would they drop a nuke on Seattle to kill Trump? You bet they would. The deep state is desperately trying to cling to power.” –Mike Adams, The Health Ranger

The rigged markets that now seem to defy gravity will be deliberately and destructively imploded under President Trump for all the obvious reasons. There will be financial chaos like we’ve never seen before: Investors leaping off tall buildings, banks declaring extended “holidays” that freeze transactions, and California pensioners slitting their wrists after they discover their promised pension funds were just vaporized by incompetent bureaucrats…The Trump administration will be targeted for termination via a punitive, engineered financial firestorm…-Mike Adams, The Health Ranger

Notice the similar theme…take out the economy, blame Trump, install a communist globalist dictatorship in place. It’s clear that deep state elements are unleashing a “nuclear option” to decimate this nation as a strategy to remove Trump from power (and de-legitimize Republicans forever). Anyone who turns on the mainstream media’s news broadcast for even a few moments can tell the bias and propaganda is obvious.

When it comes to big moves in the stock market, there are no coincidences.