Liberal media distorting gender roles of young children


The Daily Beast is glamorizing a 10-year-old boy for leading the “drag kid movement.”

In an article entitled, “RuPaul Loves ‘Drag Kid’ Desmond. You Will Too. Fiercely.” The Beast normalizes Desmond Napoles’ journey to drag queen prominence, along with his influence on “other LGBTQ kids.”

Napoles’ parents say as early as five they cultivated their son’s interest in drag – which is when a male dresses up as a female – by taking him to a Gay Pride parade. They compare it to parents encouraging a child’s interest in a sport.

“I mean we accepted it because we would rather he feel comfortable with himself,” Napoles’ mom told The Daily Beast. “If someone has such a deep interest, you’re just going to indulge them in it. Like if your kid was so crazy about football, you’d take them to the game.”

As such, Napoles is allowed to watch Rupaul’s Drag Race, a VH1 series showcasing adult drag queens competing to be “America’s next drag superstar” – Napoles has even appeared in a season 6 episode of the show.

The boy’s parents made headlines last year when they created a Facebook group for Napoles, however they lament it was hijacked by “haters” who proceeded to lock them out of the group, which was accused of being a trans kid “dating website.”

Now Napoles says he’s focusing efforts on creating the “Haus of Amazing,” a drag kid meetup club.

His parents also say they’re working to create a social media network where drag kids can convene online, but admit they will need high level security to keep pedophiles from entering the site “to protect these minors.”

The parents also claim they can’t understand why “haters” have a problem with Napoles being exploited to the LGBTQ community.

The article comes on the heels of a study which found that more US teens are identifying as transgender and gender non-conforming than previously believed.