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The mainstream media has proven once again just how out of touch with reality they really are.

As the debate over ‘Dreamers’ continues to heat up, liberals have begun pulling out all the stops to keep their beloved illegal aliens in the United States.

Wednesday night, CNN tweeted out a sob story about a Venezuelan family that came to America illegally and will be forced to leave if DACA ends.

“These Dreamers will leave the US if a DACA deal isn’t reached,” CNN tweeted —

Well…. that is how deportation works, CNN.

Social media users had a field day with this tweet. Check out their hilarious responses here —

CNN has truly lost their touch. Of course, these illegal immigrants are going to be deported if they do not gain citizenship.

These two ‘Dreamers’ have been in the United States for almost ten years now and had the option to apply for citizenship, but chose not to!

Let’s think logically, if someone was told they could not sell drugs in the street anymore, would they stop selling drugs? No.

So will these girls actually leave until they are deported? Again, no.

This sob story is not working — and people do not feel bad for these two grown adult women that are their source of their own suffrage.

–The Horn editorial team