Buzzfeed Slams DNC With Lawsuit For Refusing to Release Information on “Hacked” Servers

The phony Hillary-funded Russia dossier has spurred many lawsuits.

Buzzfeed published the unverified, salacious dossier in full on January 10th 2017.

It was reported Monday that a year after BuzzFeed published the now discredited Steele dossier, the news outlet is on a ‘secret mission,’ to verify it. 

After Buzzfeed published the dossier, they were slammed with a libel lawsuit by Russian businessman Aleksej Gubarev for tying his web company to the supposed Russian hacking of the DNC servers.

Buzzfeed is now suing the DNC to get more information on their servers that were supposedly hacked as part of their defense strategy against the libel suit.

Surprise surprise, the DNC is pushing back and refusing to hand over any information related to the supposed hacking. (That’s because they were never hacked by Russians)

Vanity Fair reported:

Now, BuzzFeed is taking the Democratic National Committee to court in an attempt to compel it to turn over information it believes will bolster its defense against Aleksej Gubarev, a Russian business magnate who says he was libeled in the dossier when it tied him to the Russians’ alleged hacking of the D.N.C.’s e-mail servers. In a nutshell: BuzzFeed believes the D.N.C. has information that could show a link between Gubarev and the e-mail hacking, which would undercut his libel claim. “We’re asking a federal court to force the D.N.C. to follow the law and allow BuzzFeed to fully defend its First Amendment rights,” a BuzzFeed spokesperson wrote in an e-mail.

BuzzFeed’s motion asserts that the D.N.C., citing privacy concerns, has been unwilling to comply with a subpoena for that information. As BuzzFeed’s lawyers argue: “The material requested from the D.N.C.—which amounts only to the digital remnants left by the Russian state operatives who hacked their systems—is highly relevant to Defendants’ ability to establish the truth of the allegedly defamatory claims about them in the Dossier. And the D.N.C. has identified neither privilege nor burden that would prevent them from complying with the Subpoena.” In legal papers, the D.N.C. has argued that disclosing the digital signatures, supposedly left by the Russia-directed hacking organizations known as Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear, would inevitably expose details of the D.N.C.’s information systems, possibly making them more vulnerable to another hack.

Buzzfeed previously subpoenaed the DNC in connection with the libel lawsuit via The Hill:

BuzzFeed is requesting “technical information and data obtained during the investigation into the Democratic Hack, including all host-based and network-based artifacts,” according to a copy of the subpoena obtained and reviewed by Foreign Policy.

It is also reportedly requesting information about the type of malware used in the hack as well as “non-public” analysis and other related reports.

It looks like Buzzfeed is working harder to inspect the DNC servers than the FBI.

To this day zero federal investigators have looked at the DNC servers despite a Special Counsel and countless committees investigating ‘Russian hacking’ of the 2016 election.