MSM already covering it up


Alleged photos of the suspected Florida high school shooter make reference to various ideologies including communism and perhaps ISIS, and voter records suggest 19-year-old Nicolas Cruz was a Democratic voter.

Additionally, the shooter’s garb is very similar to the style worn by ISIS fighters in Syria.

The Instagram account was taken down soon after the suspect was arrested.

The shooter was also suspected of having planted bombs, according to the police scanner.

Internet sleuths have suggested the following screenshot reveal Cruz may have had an anti-Islam slant back in 2015, but interestingly, there’s also a 19-year-old Nicolas Cruz who’s listed as a Democratic voter in Oakland Park, Florida, which may be the suspect (address blurred out to protect the innocent otherwise):

This screenshot, found on a Japanese cartoon image board, was apparently taken right after the suspect was apprehended – and right before Instagram nixed the account:

It’s possible the suspect is simply mentally disturbed and latched onto various ideologies to fill a sense of emptiness.