Frank Holmes, reporter

Wherever elitists act without caring about the people they represent, you’ll find George Soros and his bottomless well of money. The British people saw this up-close again, when they found out Soros is trying to overturn their votes and keep them locked inside an abusive, international government.

After decades of getting no respect, British voters shocked the world when they voted to leave the European Union – something the press calls “Brexit.”

That burst the globalists’ dream of gradually uniting the whole continent under one socialist government – which they control, of course.

The elites decided they wouldn’t let the little people wiggle out of paying their bills and obeying their orders without a fight.

The London Telegraph revealed that Soros donated more than 700,000 British pounds (almost $1 million) to political groups trying to keep England from ever leaving the EU.

After all, it’s easier to bribe a handful of EU leaders than to buy off politicians in 28 independent countries.

He gave 400,000 pounds (more than half-a-million American dollars) to a group called “Best for Britain” – a group that believes it knows better than the voters.

The group wants the voters to hold a second referendum to rejoin the EU. They also want Parliament to reject whatever deal the Conservative prime minister, Theresa May, works out for the country’s exit.

As far as they’re concerned, the Brits voted the wrong way, so they need to keep voting until they change their minds. Until then, socialist politicians will keep on ignoring their wish to leave the globalist bureaucracy.

The British version of the Deep State is even trying to get the Brits to reverse their pro-independence stance. Two highly respected Conservative politicians said that officials in the Treasury plotted “to show that all options other than staying…were bad.”

No one has reported if Soros is paying their bills.

But Soros is one of three mega-donors backing the anti-Brexit group – even though he doesn’t even live in Europe.

The fact that a foreigner is funding “Best for Britain” shows what a lie the whole campaign is. It’s even worse that it’s Soros, who cost British taxpayers $5.5 billion when he broke the Bank of England in 1992.

Soros is still so toxic 26 years later that the group’s founder called the stories “ridiculous” and said that the multi-billionaire has not donated a single dime.

But chairman Mark Malloch-Brown – a former UN official – admitted, “Indeed through his (Open Society) foundations, he has contributed £400,000.”

Guilty as charged.

As a matter of fact, the anti-Brexit leaders literally developed their strategy in Soros’ living room!

Soros invited the leaders for a meeting at his posh London mansion – which is actually two Victorian properties combined into one.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, Soros has pledged to give Best for Britain another 100,000 pounds!

Ripping the mask off their secret funding has made the internationalists absolutely furious.

The group’s CEO, Eloise Todd, has accused Soros’ critics of anti-Semitism and “dirty dog-whistle politics.”

She said Soros’ enemies are “trying to subvert the very meaning of democracy.”

If she wants to know who’s doing that, Todd should look in a mirror – or at Soros’ signature on her big, fat checks.

Frank Holmes is a reporter for The Horn News. He is a veteran journalist and an outspoken conservative that talks about the news that was in his weekly article, “On The Holmes Front.”