A 5-year-old girl from New York has become the fourth child in the city to die from flu shot complications in recent weeks. 

As doctors continue to urge parents to vaccinate their children against influenza, children around the country keep dying as a result of complications from the controversial vaccine.

Nypost.com reports: The child was discovered around 9 p.m. in the bathroom by her mother, who then frantically banged on a neighbor’s door for help.

“[The mother] was crying, ‘Save my daughter!’ ‘Help me!’ She was crying for anybody to help her,” said the next-door neighbor, Nelson Martis.

Elisa “was warm, but she wasn’t moving, even though I tried to hold her nose, blow into her mouth, hearing the mother in the background, hearing the neighbors yelling and screaming,” said Martis, a schoolteacher, shaking his head as he described futilely trying to save the girl.

“She was not responsive at all. We tried to breathe into her mouth, pump the heart. … I tried to do CPR until the Fire Department came, and then they came and tried, and it all went down bad.

“She wasn’t moving at all. It seemed like it was already a done deal for her.”

The child was rushed to Brookdale Hospital, where she was pronounced dead, sources said.

Her mother told cops she had been battling a high fever, sources said. The child tested positive for the flu virus posthumously, sources said.

It was not clear if she had been diagnosed before the tragedy.

Three other city children have died of flu-related illnesses in the past two weeks, including an 8-year-old Queens girl — the first flu-related fatalities for kids in the Big Apple all season.