Discontent for the Second Amendment was a common theme throughout the program…

(News Busters) During an appearance on MSNBC’s MTP Daily on Wednesday to discuss the Parkland, Florida school shooting, former ATF special agent Jim Cavanaugh expressed what could arguably be called a disdain for the Second Amendment when he chided it as a “suicide pact” and dismissed the concerns of gun rights advocates.


Cavanaugh was speaking with disgraced journalist Brian Williams when he expressed his true feelings about the right to bear arms: “Again, not to take away people’s rights, but we can’t turn the Second Amendment into a suicide pact. And that’s what we seem to do.”

“We’re so worried about any kind of little, little thing that could violate any little, little right that we’re just all going to be slaughtered for it,” Cavanaugh bitterly declared.

“And it is crazy thinking some of those arguments really are not very grounded. We can do much better on that.” It’s disturbing to see a former law enforcement officer speaking about people’s constitutional rights in such a manner…


“Go a little bit bigger picture here for me. 18th school shooting this year. I keep saying that because it’s only the middle of February,” Todd lamented to Senator Bill Nelson.

“And we go through all of this and then we try to do something in the Congress and we take … Senator Feinstein’s bill which is that if you are on the terrorist watch list, you can’t buy a gun. And we can’t get that passed,” Nelson whined…

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