CNN’s Jim Acosta rudely shouted out a question about guns to President Trump after he wrapped up a somber address Thursday.

President Trump gave a genuine, heartwarming speech a day after Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 people at a Florida high school. Acosta rudely shouted at the president, ruining the mood in a room full of people saddened by the tragic loss of life.

According to the press pool present at President Trump’s speech, Jim Acosta broke the silence by shouting about guns.

Whiny Acosta then took to his Twitter account to complain President Trump didn’t respond to his rude outburst.

Acosta tweeted, “Following the president’s remarks, I tried to ask Trump why does this keep happening in America and whether he will do anything about guns. He did not respond except to say thank you.”

This behavior is very typical of Jim Acosta. He has to have the attention on himself even after a tragic mass shooting that took the lives of many Americans including minors.