Curtis Houck

Lemon not only didn’t think or care as he and Walsh immediately shouted at Lowry that he wasn’t “suggesting anything” and he’s “just reading the facts.” When Lowry asked if Ryan’s views are not connected to his NRA donations, Lemon denied the sincerity of conservative lawmakers and then refused to answer if he’s thinks “they’re bought off.”

“No, no one is saying that why creating the straw person that is what. It’s not something either one of us would. The money is relevant, because they have an alliance, the money is relevant. The money gets them elected,” Walsh responded.

Walsh devolved into mockery, repeatedly parroting Lemon and shouting while Lowry would speak. Concerning the AR-15, Lowry succinctly argued to these misinformed liberals that “[a]n AR-15 is the most popular rifle in the country at the moment”:

Millions people own them and they don’t go out and shoot up schools. Every one of those gun control measures that you mentioned universal background checks, a cosmetic ban on certain stylistic weapons would do nothing to stops these sort of killings.

Instead of addressing Lowry, Walsh again was adamant that this was “not true” while Lemon howeled, “How do you know that unless you try it, Rich? How do you know?” Throwing stuff at the wall to see if it sticks is not a policy position, Don.

Once again, Lowry raised an oustanding point with this one being about how the Virginia Tech shooting was committed with a handgun but Lemon shouted Lowry down and tacitly advocated for a European-style gun confiscation:

Hold on, hold on, hold on let me — let me just tell you this. Other countries have done the same thing. They have banned, done background checks. They have done sensible gun legislation and guess what? They aren’t nearly where we are when it comes to guns, but even — even by percentage wise.

Not giving up, Lowry invoked background checks amidst more shouting, “Let’s talk about background checks. Everyone brings up background checks. Almost every single case, they passed a background check because they hadn’t been adjudicated and weren’t guilt of crimes.”

Lemon and Walsh screeched that there was a way to flag someone even if they haven’t done anything against the law, but never went any further to explain how it would have stopped any of the recent mass killings.

The CNN host later mentioned the proposal to ban everyone on the terror watch list from buying a gun, but Lowry fact-checked him by noting to Lemon’s groans that “the terror watch list is a mess” and “[e]veryone acknowledges that” we should “clean it up.”

“[W]e care more about guns than we do children and it’s disgusting and we need to change the culture that — that enshrines guns as a kind of manhood. We were — are not entitled to AR-15. We are entitled to own guns. We are not entitled to own weapons of mass destruction,” Walsh responded.

Lowry refuted this, so Lemon petulantly informed Lowry that he “put[s] the information out there” (read: liberal spin) and repeated CNN’s self-sanctimonious motto of “Facts First.”

Perhaps the best part came when Lemon contradicted himself within seconds by claiming that no one was talking about taking people’s guns away, then boasting that “most Americans wanted” large-scale bans: