‘You’re offending us by coming here. How dare you!’ Dem lawmaker tells Infowars

Democrat Congressman Ted Deutch refused to answer questions about a gun control meeting being held for survivors of last week’s school shooting.

When confronted about the nature of the meeting, billed as a “gun safety” rally, Deutch launched into a tirade about Sandy Hook.

“Well here’s my message to you,” Deutch started off.

“The fact that your – I won’t even call it a publication, I don’t know what it is – but the fact that you call what happened at Sandy Hook a hoax, refusing to apologize for it is among the most obscene things that has ever been broadcasted anywhere.”

“You should be ashamed. Anyone who reads the garbage like that that you post should be ashamed, and I will never give an interview with you.”

“Let me tell you something,” Deutch continued, “every Republican I know, every single one is as disgusted by the suggestion that Sandy Hook was a hoax as I am.”

Calling out Deutch for claiming “assault weapons” were banned in 94, reporter Laura Loomer corrected him noting only accessories and suppressors were banned.

“So, why are you lying to you constitutents?” Loomer asked.

Deutch once again deflects to Sandy Hook, refusing to address Loomer’s question.

“You’re offending us by coming here. How dare you!” Deutch said.

Loomer follows up, “When are you going to hold the FBI accountable?”

“You think someone shooting off 150 rounds in seven or eight minutes, you think that’s OK?” Deutch asked.

“Don’t you have any respect for the constitution or the Second Amendment?” Loomer asked.

“Don’t you have any respect for the human lives that were lost in my district? Cause If you did you wouldn’t come here,” he shot back, before getting in his vehicle and driving away.