Former NY police officer and Rebel Media reporter, John Cardillo attended the Parkland shooting memorial this week.

Cardillo said he witnessed media malpractice from CNN especially; CNN was shoving cameras in people’s faces who were mourning the hardest.

John Cardillo also said a teacher named Sarah Lerner was text messaging students on their personal cell phones encouraging them to attend an anti-gun rally in Coral Springs, FL hosted by ‘Every Town for Gun Safety’, a radical, left-wing organization funded by Michael Bloomberg.

Many students also told Cardillo that they are pro-second amendment, however; the media (CNN) is only focusing on gun control and students who are against the second amendment.

Students also said they wished the media would stop politicizing the tragedy.

Video via The Rebel Media:

Since mass murderer Nikolas Cruz shot up the Parkland, Florida school, the media has gravitated toward a group of students who express their disapproval for the Second Amendment.

The media refuses to speak with students who are pro-gun and pro-Trump; they are only giving airtime to people who push the left-wing narrative.

The media bias has sparked a huge controversy because it appears they have exploited the teens after a tragedy to push gun control.