Source: Jeremiah Johnson

There is little doubt for most of us that the recent shootings in Florida were not merely a “spontaneous, random event,” precipitated by one individual. At the very least, if Cruz (the alleged shooter) was a “lone wolf,” then the Deep State and those who back it in the Congress are going to exploit it. They will not allow such a crisis to go to waste. Now a new “crusade” is forming by the Statists for gun control.

They know: once they control the guns, the gulags can follow.

Indeed, the Democrats have just announced they will submit “reforms” totaling more than 100 pages on gun control. It has been announced that all 49 Democrats of the Senate will be in lock step with this one. Is McCain counted among that number? Taking the guns away from the citizens is just one part of the equation. The other part (equally as sinister) is the ubiquitous state of surveillance that is being emplaced throughout the United States.

China is the “testing ground.” If it works in China, the Statists are convinced it will also work in the United States in the future…when they intend to unveil it. We have already seen drastic measures being taken with bills that include biometric passports with more difficulty for American citizens to leave than for anyone to enter. That is because citizens are subjects, and we pay the monstrous taxes…the highest of any country in the world…to keep us impoverished, keep us on the treadmill, keep the system going…the infallible system, that of the existing social, political, and economic order.

Popular Science writer Rob Verger just released an article on 2/8/18 entitled Chinese Cops are Using Facial-Recognition Sunglasses: Here’s How that Tech Works, that bears reading. In a nutshell, the glasses are used by the cops to “look” at a potential suspect, and the glasses relay those images to a database that compares files with individual biometric characteristics and sorts them out…to determine if the suspect is at hand.

Sounds simple and innocuous, but it isn’t…because what can be done is to have a deeper database that places people under surveillance and monitors their personal habits. Yes, Big Brother on the street corner. We wrote previously about Chinese hand-held devices that enable the Chinese State Police to ID someone right on the street. These “sunglasses” complement those existing systems. They also have handheld readers that allow them to scan laptops and mobile phones.

Kissinger, Brzezinski, Soros, and a host of other oligarch-politicos have all mentioned that a world system that would be effective should take as its example the system in place with the Communist Chinese. The funnel is narrowing, and it would take nothing to emplace these systems in use in China everywhere in the U.S. Questions are unanswered that point to an answer if they are thought upon long enough. Why are cameras springing up everywhere? Why was the Obama administration so hot to nab Edward Snowden and Julian Assange? Why the obfuscation, censorship, and control over things that violate the Constitutional rights of American citizens by the government?

The answer is simple: we are slowly being manipulated and assets and resources being emplaced to enable a transition to a surveillance state…a completed one…when the time is right. They need to make the attempt to control the guns, and they need to monitor the actions of everyone, all the time. The “Thought Police” of Orwell are just around the corner…and when they decide the time is right, the United States will cease to exist in its present form.

Watch what they do in China: with technological surveillance and monitoring, with controlled urbanization (such as forcing residents to live in shipping containers…little more than a cage), and with control over the Internet. Watch, simultaneously, in the United States how some creep is more than just a creep…and at the very least, and unwitting tool in the hands of the Deep State…an excuse to usher in gun control. They have to get the guns, and they have to control and monitor the movements and actions of the people. “1984” was written years ago, but it may take place tomorrow, and be in place when we awaken.