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FAIL: Student Had AR-15 In State With Assault Weapon Ban; Had Grenades, C-4 Land Mine Detonator

Prosecutors in Maryland say that an 18-year-old man they arrested last week for bringing a gun to school also had grenades, a C-4 landmine detonator, a bulletproof vest, and “an AR-15 style rifle” in a state that has had an assault weapons ban in place for years.

Montgomery County Police charged the young man on February 15 “with possession of a handgun, possession of a firearm by a person under 21 years old and possession of a firearm on school property after the incident,” WJLA reported.

Prosecutors say that the accused student, who is being held without bond, had purportedly brought a gun to school once before in a separate incident.

The defense for the accused student claimed that he “has no evidence of mental health and that he has completely cooperated with authorities” and that he is “an honor roll student with scholarship offers from two universities.”

Bethesda Magazine reports:

Officer Michael Chindblom of the county police department’s crisis intervention team testified in court Monday that police found the list and additional weapons at [the accused student]’s home while executing a search warrant. In addition to the AR-15 style rifle, several inert grenades, revolvers, a Glock pistol, landmine detonators and an attack vest were found, he said.

Maryland signed into law an assault weapons ban following the December 2012 Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut, meaning that the student could be facing additional charges for having a banned weapon.

Daily Wire writer Elliott Hamilton, who previously wrote about the Fourth Circuit’s decision on Maryland’s assault weapons ban, noted the ineffectiveness of having such a ban: “Laws do not deter many criminals from engaging in illegal behavior,” Hamilton said on Tuesday. “Unfortunately, those who are intent on committing mass murder will acquire whatever means necessary to maximize their desires.”

“While government believes that banning certain weapons will prevent potential criminals from acting, such bans mostly hurt those who seek to exercise their Second Amendment rights lawfully,” Hamilton continued. “Government should look more carefully on how to mitigate the factors related to criminal behavior rather than infringing upon the rights of law-abiding citizens.”

The accused student told officers that “on previous occasions, he had felt anxious from social interactions between himself and students.” During the search of his home, investigators reportedly found a “list of grievances” that he had with students at the school.

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