THE US Embassy in the Montenegro capital of Podgorica has been blasted with a grenade by an unnamed attacker who then blew himself up with a second device, American officials have confirmed.

The attack happened just before midnight last night. The embassy was closed at the time of the incident.

The government of Montenegro confirmed an unknown assailant threw the grenade into the embassy compound and then blew himself up with another explosive device.

There are no reported deaths except of the attacker.

The New York Times reported that a witness saw the man throw the object over the wall at around midnight.

US embassy attack


The US embassy was attacked with grenades by a group of attackers

Steve Goldstein, the US State Department’s Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, has said the motive of the attack is unknown or whether it was a deliberate suicide attack.

However, one source at the scene has described how one of the grenades the attacker attempted to throw at the Embassy exploded while still attached to his belt, killing him in the process.

In a security alert issued by the office, people were warned to avoid the area.

The alert said: “The US Embassy in Podgorica advises US citizens there is an active security situation at the US Embassy in Podgorica.

“Avoid the Embassy until further notice.”

Employees were told to stay at home on Thursday.

Further advice was offered to worried US citizens in the country.

The Embassy statement said: “Avoid large gatherings and demonstrations, and follow the instructions of local authorities.”

A total of 34 Americans and 134 local staff work at the Embassy.

A witness to the incident confirmed: “Someone died outside the Embassy. Car fire or something.

Montenegro embassy


The US Embassy in Montenegro was attacked with a grenade

“Someone was throwing grenades at the Embassy and one blew up and killed himself.”

A photographer in the capital said a police vehicle was blocking the street where the embassy is located but that no damage was visible.

Meanwhile, a guard at a nearby sports centre has been reported as saying he “heard two explosions, one after another”.

He also said: “Police came very quickly and the body of a man was taken away.”

Diplomatic relations between the US and an independent Montenegro extend back to 2006.

Embassy under guard

In that time the US has supported the country in democratic and economic reforms since setting up their US Embassy.

Montenegro, the smallest of the former Yugoslav republics, was the 29th country to join NATO last year.

The last time a US Embassy was attacked was in 2015 when the American office in Uzbekistan was targeted by an unidentified man.

The man threw two improvised explosives over the wall of the diplomatic premises but no one was hurt.