Parkland, Florida school shooting survivor lying or caught in fog of war?

'Never Again' HS Journalist Contradicts Himself About Drills

One of the leading voices of the “Never Again” movement has people questioning when students knew the Florida school shooting was real and not a drill after videos show a discrepancy between his accounts.

David Hogg caused confusion when he said he knew the shooting was real, not a drill while he was hiding in a closet and the shooter was still at large, but he later claimed he believed it was a drill until SWAT escorted him outside.

While hiding in a closet during the shooting, Hogg tells the camera, “There is an active shooter. This is not a drill. I heard one gunshot and we thought it was a drill initially, but it’s not.”

Contradicting himself later during an interview with MSNBC, Hogg explains, “…after the SWAT had come in and told everybody ‘get down put your hands up,’ and we all ran out of there as fast as we could and once I took that first step out there I realized this was not a drill this was a major situation.”

Other individuals associated with the shooting also talked about drills that caused students and staff to second guess whether or not the shooting was a drill.